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Biography master Wei Qifeng


For many years master Wei Qifeng is a well known Chinese Zhineng Qigong teacher in the Qigong community and the last few years a beloved special guest teacher at our Chi- Connected Qigong School & Health Center in Rotterdam where he yearly gives a multiple days workshop. He is loved by many with his joyous, warm-hearted, easy-going and humble personality and extensive knowledge and dedication to Zhineng Qigong. His high level teachings are intense and inspiring. He has the strong ability to built a powerfull Qi field,  lead Qigong practice in great depth and power and brings you in a very deep meditative Qigong state. 

Teacher Wei began learning Qigong, Kungfu and Taiji in his teens. In this period he was often wandering in the mountains searching for sages who could help him understand the meaning of life. In 1991 he discovered Zhineng Qigong. He knew this was his path, found inner peace and joins the two year teacher training program from 1993 to 1995 at the Huaxia Zhineng Qigong Centre. At that time Dr Pang regularly taught the two-year class in person. 

In that time Wei also began to work as an editor at Huaxia Centre, where he usually led the morning and evening practice of Huaxia staff and was part of the small group used to teach new methods as they were developed by Pang Laoshi. Soon Wei had already over 200 students and began healing their family members as well. On his graduation in 1995 Wei worked as an editor at Huaxia for several years, and usually led the morning and evening practice of the 500-600 numbered Huaxia staff. He was also part of a small group used to teach new methods developed by Dr Pang. They were taught by Dr Pang then passed the teaching on at staff practice. In the beginning of 1999 he started to work at the Third Healing Department. , In 1999 Wei chose to work in the Third Healing Department to improve his healing abilities. This department took 300-600 patients that has been turned down as too ill for the First and Second Departments.

Throughout the years that followed, Teacher Wei continued to practice and teach Zhineng Qigong. Contact with Westerners made him learn English, wich made it possible for hi mto teach in Europe. His dream is to build Harmonious Big Family as a new way of human life  and established in 2010 with some fellow teachers his Daohearts Centre to further work on this dream. In 2013 he started to compile and translate important works of Dr.Pang Ming into English, wich have not been public yet and published them in several compact but very complete books like ’The Methods of Zhieng Qigong Science’, ‘Later Methods of Zhineng Qigong and Taiji’ en ‘Hunyuan Entirety Theory, The Foundation of Qigong science’.

Master Wei is teaching Zhineng Qigong now for over more than 20 years. For almost ten years he is travelling through Europe each year for several months to give workshops in several countries. Every year Master Wei and his fellow teachers also organising retreats in China in the Daohearts Centre in Quillin.