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Workshop Wudang Michuan Taiji 64 long form – by special guest Ismet Himmet (WDP)

21 & 22 september 2019, 10.00-17.00, Centrum Djoj, Rotterdam, Netherlands


‘includes internal (neigong) principles of moving with & from 64 bodyparts and 13 energypoints’
We proudly present another unique workshop hosted by the talented Ismet Himmet, who is a highly skilled and talented teacher of the internal arts of Wudang with more than 30 years of martial arts experience and 16 years of teaching experience. ​He devoted the last 17 years purely to the internal styles of Wudang and achieved high levels in these traditional Daoist arts in great depth, such as Wudang Quan, Liang Yi Quan, Xiang Long Shi Ba Zhang,
Xingyi, Bagua Zhang,Taiji Quan (Tai Chi Chuan) and Neigong (Qigong). 
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Wudang Taiji Mi Chuan (also known as Taiji 64 long form) is one of the most secret and beautiful Taiji handforms of the Wudang Xuan Wu Lineage.
It contains all the practices of the Wudang Nei Gong and goes through all 8 trigrams of the Xian Tian Ba Gua, as well as all basic Wudang principles, which are explicitly found in every movement. 

People normally use either the left or the right brain hemisphere predominantly. But in order to be more successful in everyday life, it is not enough to just rely on one of the two brain hemispheres. Wudang Mi Chuan Taijiquan was in ancient times a “secret tradition” (Mi Chuan means secret tradition), because by diligent practice of this form gradually both brain hemispheres are coordinated together. Ideas are immediately manifesting into actions with ease and set life goals can be realized without much effort.

Furthermore, the 64 long form emphasizes the upright posture of the spine and strengthens the entire back area, which in turn supports the spine. 
The constant activity and rotation of all joint parts ensures a free Qi and bood flow through the entire body wich can clear all sorts of joint blockages.

This form contains also internal methods (neigong) for harmonious movement and use of 64 body sections, including moving with and from 13 main energy points and their connection with the 8 main Taiji energies) and will be part of this workshop. Practising Taiji by cultivating these internal secrets of harmonious movement will allow you to change your Taij skills in general to a different and higher level, wich will enhance both martial arts as health effects of Taiji, so don’t miss out on this special workshop!

Requirements for this workshop:
This workshop is advised for practitioners with a good foundation in Taiji and Qigong, that want to experience this special form and to deepen and improve their quality of movement. We can also recommend this workshop for Taiji and Qigong beginners, dancers and martial artists to explore the diversity andl principles of this special Taiji form.

Price: 1 day €100,- / 2 days €180,- including snacks and drinks. Optional bio vega lunch €8,- per day).



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