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Wudang Hui Chun Qigong

‘Back to spring’
Hui Chun (back to spring) Qigong is the cornerstone and pillar of the Wudang Pai system.
​Springtime stands for opening, blossoming and growth of life, joy and vitality.
The return to spring refers to the return to our origin and re-vitalizes the human body, soul and spirit.
This moving Qigong form consists of nine exercises which build upon each other. It combines silent meditation with moving meditation and serves both physical and spiritual cultivation. Every part teaches another fundamental way for letting Qi (energy) flow through our entire body. All organs are nurtured by the improved Qi flow and every cell in our body learns to breathe active pure Qi to be reborn in every new moment. 

With regular practice these exercises help to strengthen the body and mind, make it supple and permeable and to find balance for everyday life. Due to its long-term goals and benefits, people of different martial arts backgrounds have witnessed its superior effect on the circulatory system, blood pressure, spine, lungs, vitality, senses and much more. This Qigong set is easy to learn because it’s involves mainly arm movements and no stepwork. 

Overzicht oefeningen
  1. Yi Shou Dantian – Mind sinks in Dantian
  2. Bai Yuan Shou Yi – Embrace Eternity, keep the Oneness
  3. Zhuan Dantian – Circle the Dantian 
  4. Hunyuan Yi Qi-  Cosmic Circle flows together
  5. Qian Kun Ban Yun – Transforming heaven and earth
  6. Wuji Zhuang – Pillar of Polelesness and Emptiness
  7. Hunyuan Zhuang – Pillar of the Cosmic Circle
  8. Bao Taiji – Embrace the Taij
  9. Shou Gong – Closing